マイミッション My Blog Mission

  • このブログを書くことで、こんなことを目指しています -
    - NET患者へ日本語・英語で情報提供し、言語に制限されない情報共有をめざそう。
    - NET患者のネットワークを日本国内だけからグローバルレベルへ広げ、国境を超えた人のつながりと平和のきっかけを作ろう。
    - ひとり親で、あるいは病と闘い頑張っている人に、今日も頑張ろうと思える言葉を発信しよう。
    - 英語学習で広がる世界の大きさを感じてもらえるよう日英両言語で書き続けよう。
    - 息子たちがいつか今日の日を思い出すきっかけを残しておこう。
  • My mission on writing this blog page is:
    - that any information I share here about my conditions with NET can be useful for those who suffer from this very rare disease for both Japanese and English readers.
    - that this site can create a borderless, peaceful global world without language barriers, connecting the people inside and outside Japan through the NET information I share.
    - that sharing my happy and rough moments as a single mother with two kids can offer laughter, comfort and courage.
    - that I can be of support for those who want to see the world outside Japan, and inside Japan, too.
    and most importantly,
    - that one day, one day when my beautiful children have grown up, they would enjoy reading highs and lows of our lives.


煩悩の整理をしたら When you sort out what you want in life...




I had my large bowl checked yesterday, making sure that none of my cancer has spread on that end. They all seemed good but I will hear more from the doctor next week.

I suppose we all go through this worries of "what if" no matter how healthy you are or you feel. I did have my "what if" moments while lying on a bed at the clinic.

I don't know about you, but somehow I got this strong determination to accept whatever my destiny would be. If my life is to end tomorrow, or next year, I am not surprised and I am ok with it. Yet if anything at all that keeps me desire to live longer, that would be my children. Their well being and happiness are everything to me, and if I am part of their happiness, I wish that I live long, along with them. After categorizing and sorting out all my desires and wishes, "happiness for my kids" is the only desire that would be left in my mind. And it is a strong desire. So strong that it makes me want to live.






癌と向き合うチームを作ろう  I am building a great team for my cancer battle!





I went to see a specialist on NET at a hospital in Osaka. I had known of him from my internet research but it was the first time meeting him in person. He is very well known in the field as there is only a very few doctors specialized in NET cancer in Japan. He sure is one of the pioneers in the area, and I am so lucky to have him as my main doctor. Along with him was another very skillful doctor who is also a specialist in NET. I am nothing but grateful for having those two doctors as part of the special team for my cancer battle. 

The suggestion my doctor made for my conditions was to remove the bottom part of my stomach to stop gastrine hormone produce. I could not agree  more  that it would be the best option, judging from on my extensive web research. So I will go ahead with my surgery in the next few months.

As much as it is scary to go through a surgery and move my cancer battle with my NET to the next level, I am a bit excited and relieved  to move on to the new phase. More than anything else, I do not have to feel lonely any more when I think about these complicated medical issues. I am looking forward to the dialogues I will have with my doctors, taking one step at a time together. 

I sincerely hope that sharing my experiences and knowledge during my journey in my blogs for the next few months can help someone feel better and stronger when going through their journey of cancer battle.


癌であることは隠すべきこと?公表すること? Do you tell your friends and coworkers that you have cancer?




Do you talk about your cancer to your friends and co-workers? Does revealing the fact that you are a cancer patient affect your relationship with people? How about work? Does the company have different expectation when you have cancer? Is it a good thing or bad thing?

A friend of mine here in Japan pointed out to me that I should not reveal that I have cancer, as I will probably have less projects coming your way, once the company found that I am dealing with cancer. This may be a lot to do with the fact that I am working as a freelance. Is that your experience? Do you always have to hide about your physical conditions so you can carry on working? I just wondered what everyone's experience is like.

Would love to hear your thoughts please! Comment below or write me at netandsinglemother@gmail.com. Thank you!


この言葉に勇気づけられて A Great Quote of the Day for Cancer Patients

英国人 Ronny Allanさんのページから。この言葉がとても心にしみます。




A wonderful quote and that has been my favorite for the week.

Sometimes we feel like nobody understands how you feel or what you are going through. That is when we want to hear this quote!

Thank you Ronny!
For more about NET caner, please visit:

© Ronny Allan - Living with Neuroendocrine Cancer https://ronnyallan.com


NET患者必読の英語サイト Now I am part of global NET cancer team!

先日のエントリーでご紹介したNET患者の英国出身ロニーさん。彼のNET Cancer への貢献度は半端なく、そのサイトを見れば、いかに勉強され、同じ病気を持つ方のために、またその認知度を高めるために貢献されているかは、一目瞭然。
© Ronny Allan - Living with Neuroendocrine Cancer https://ronnyallan.com





The best advocate to NET Cancer, Ronny Allan, kindly quoted my blog site in his entry on his NET Cancer Blog page on Facebook:


Also he has recently added translation tool on his blog, so now his blog is available on various languages:
© Ronny Allan - Living with Neuroendocrine Cancer https://ronnyallan.com

My mission of this blog page is to connect NET cancer patients in the world. If one person can find a strength to fight against cancer with his/her family and friends support, then imagine how much more strength you could get when the support expands around the globe!


NETと診断されたら聞く10の質問 10 Questions to ask to your doctor (by Ronny Allan)

NET cancerという言葉で神経内分泌腫瘍について調べると、必ずだれもがこの方のウェブサイトにたどり着くはず。



今日はNETと診断されたら、次にお医者様に聞く10の質問というページ。質問だけを抜粋しています。(© Ronny Allan - Living with Neuroendocrine Cancer https://ronnyallan.com

Diagnosedwith Neuroendocrine Cancer? – 10 questions to ask your doctor

1. Where is my primary tumour and what type of NET is it?

2. What is the grade of my tumour(s)?

3. What is the stage of my disease?

4. Do I have a NET Syndrome?

5. What is my treatment plan and what are the factors that will influence my eventual treatment?

6. When will I start treatment?

7. Will you be able to get rid of all my disease?

8. What Surveillance will I be placed under

9. Will I receive support and specialist advice after my treatment?

10. How will treatment affect my daily life?

Thanks to Ronny Allan’s blog page:

© Ronny Allan - Living with Neuroendocrine Cancer https://ronnyallan.com


癌バトルに孤独を感じたときに読もう Never let "loneliness" get to you in your long, cancer battle journey.

I found a great list of do's and don'ts for those who fight in cancer battles. Things can be tough, and quite often lonely in a journey of cancer battle. I have decided to translate these beautiful quotes into Japanese so that some Japanese cancer patients can also benefit and hopefully the list can lift them up a bit on some rough days.

Do’s (こうやって生きていこう)

• Forgive anyone who disappoints you.
• Form a team of friends, family, fellow cancer survivors, healthcare professionals, a support group, your spiritual community, and your partner to share your life with you, as they are able, while you live with cancer.
• Keep as many familiar people in your life as possible, even if they don’t understand what you’re going through.
• Find outlets to share your journey with others.


• Don’t kick anyone out of your life for the sole reason that they didn’t give you the understanding or support you needed.
• Don’t expect anyone who hasn’t lived with cancer to understand your experiences.
• Coping with cancer can challenge you for years or decades. Don’t expect folks to stay on your team through the entire journey.
• Don’t give up seeking support, understanding, and encouragement.
(From: https://prostatecancernewstoday.com/2017/09/22/cancer-survivorship-becomes-lonely-reasons-why/)


長生きすることが幸せ? What makes you happy?







Ever since I became a single parent 4 years ago, all that preoccupied my mind was my uncertain future, esp. about finance and my children. I worried, worried, and worried.

While I still worry, with the diagnosis of NET cancer, now I think I have more positive and proactive perspectives. One of my major mind shifts was that I now have set my life end at 60-65, whereas before, I used to assume I would live up to 95! There is no way we would find out how long we have left to live, but with NET cancer, I suppose my life span may possibly be much shorter than many Japanese would have. And if that is the case I am ok with that. Really.

Once I have made peace with that, all of a sudden, my focus has shifted from "financial shortage" to "quality of life in shorter period". How much can I do while I am still here on earth? What can I do to make difference to the society, people around me, esp. my precious children? And of all the things I want to accomplish, now my primary focus is my children - what can I teach them to become an adult who can lead happy life with great job that they enjoy, surrounded by friends and family they love.

At the end of the day, we do not need a lot to be happy. Little simple stuff is sometimes enough to make your day, like your friends happy moment to share, short trip to explore the area you have not been to, or catch a beautiful sunset from your office window. As long as you have an open mind to enjoy and appreciate what you have, then you know you can lead a happy life. At least that is so for me, and I want my kids to know that.

Kids copy. They may not listen to their parents, more so if they are teenage like mine! But they sure do copy what parents do. So I need to set an example for them to show how I lead happy life, even if it may be short. So this is my main focus in life.


子供たちへの最後のレッスンは? What do you teach your son if today was your last day?





Kids will have mid-term exams in a couple of days. Yikes. But they seem to think otherwise, esp. my younger one - the one with ADHD. The closest description I can give him would be "a man from mars". Not that kind he cant understand women (well, maybe that too),  but rather, he speaks and behaves just like ones from another planet. Needless to say, where he came from does not have a pressure of school exams!

Do I need to press him to study harder? Do I convince him how important that he works hard at this point of his life? Do I sit down right next to him for hours going through his messy copies of school work and figure out what he is supposed to study for his exams?

Been there, done that. And none of those worked. And plus I suck at all of the above. And when I do these, I have a mixed bag of feelings - from anger and frustration to desperation and worries.

The worry part has not changed before and after the diagnosis of my NET cancer, but I think I can say that I look at this challenge of school work from different perspectives - what can I do now so he won't suffer when I am gone?

I suppose I could say that he needs to be trained to study/work independently, or to have better organizing skills. Not necessarily scoring better at school exams, because we all know school grades really do not add up much when you leave school. But what we sure do need is survival skills and strategies to live in complicated fast-speed society. That is complicated skills to teach, and it takes a whole human life to learn/teach it. As far as I am concerned, there is now a new unknown factor, which is no one knows how much longer I will be around. So I might as well put my head down and teach him all those survival skills while we are still together.

Easier said than done. And my worry still remains the same - with or without my NET cancer and/or my son's ADHD. Welcome to the parenting club.

胃とストレスを写真にしてみると Do you really look after yourself?








I had a super busy day yesterday. Started with a endoscopy session at the hospital, followed by a acupuncture session, and finished by an English teaching class (I travel on a ferry to a small island and teach English to locals).

My doctor gave me a copy of photos of my stomach. The scar looks just fine but upper area of my stomach is full of "puss" looking white stuff. It is caused by A-CAG (type A-chronic atrophic gastritis), which is the root of my problem for NET cancer.  It was not a pretty site at all, and I was astonished how awful I look inside.

Of all the reasons I can think of for what triggered this NET cancer, one thing I can say is that stomach issue is very heavily related to stress, and I sure did go through some stressful time for the last few years. Divorce, coming back to Japan to start solo with my two children, who are not native to Japanese society, job searching in almost a foreign country to me, who was away from Japan for over 2 decades... all was hard. Really hard. Yet all I had said when I was going through rough patches was "I am not working hard enough" or "everyone else manages and I am so wimp if I can handle this".  What I did not know was that all these messages were actually killing me, or my stomach to be precise.

What dawned on me, while I was looking at these photos of my ugly stomach, was that
I must look after myself. 
Simple as that. I must listen to my body, I must really see where my mind and body are. All these simple things were not even on my plate. I was rather busy to gather myself to live along with my children in Japan as a new "immigrant".

It is a fact that I still need to work. I still have two beautiful children to raise solo. I cannot afford to focus all my energy to my cancer treatment right now. I will somehow have to manage to juggle all on my plate. But I must look after myself. That simple message has so much more meaning to me now. And I have to do so, not just for me but also for by most precious children. Without my wellbeing, the kids won't be looked after well!

How on earth have I missed such an important message in life so long? Duh!


人生の優先順位が変わるとき Do you know where your priority goes?







If there were anything positive that came out of my NET cancer, that would be the clarity in my mind in terms of my life priority.

Before I found out that I have a NET cancer, my life was full of EVERYTHING - from my work, kids, putting food on the table, family matters to... everything you can name. This is probably nothing new to the sandwich generation, esp. if you have kids as a single parent.

But now that I am more aware that there is a time limit in my life, possibly shorter than I anticipated, it all has become clear to me where my priority goes in life. And that would be my kids. That is the top priority, period.

There is some unsolved issues from my divorce, and this has huge impact on kids. I would rather not reveal the details as this is a bit too personal (maybe one day I might write it down), so apologies for being so ambiguous. Anyway, I am determined that this issue will be fixed before I go. Even if my time is not limited, I think current situation is not ideal, and the kids need better and healthy environment to grow in. This was my "aha!" moment, thanks to my NET cancer.

If it was not for that, I would have left the situation as is, and let the life go on. But now I know more clearly that this is not right. As a parent, I will have to do everything I can do for the sake of children. And that is my responsibility, regardless of whether I am dying from cancer or not.


癌と闘う?それとも... Name yourself!






癌患者、癌サバイバー、いろんな呼び方があるけれど、私はガンちゃんと共にやさしく丁寧に生きていきたい(Living with cancer) です。癌は私の命を奪うものかもしれないけれど、その前に、

  • 生きるということ
  • 有限な時間
  • 人生の優先順位
  • この世で私にできること
  • (そして)子供たち



What do you call yourself? Are you a "cancer survivor"? How about "challenger"?

I want to call myself a person living with a cancer. Cancer is no longer a disease that kills you tomorrow. There are so many people living with it, while they lead normal life, just like any other non-cancer survivors.

It is so easy to get trapped with the fear of "cancer", and afraid of what will happen next. Or what will happen to your family if your life is meant to end sooner than later. And I did go through that myself too.

But then I realized that I would not know what my cancer will bring me tomorrow. No one knows. All I know is that I am here right now, and I am given time and space to live in to the fullest, for now. I want to enjoy my time with my children. I want to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Setouchi Inland Sea through my apartment windows every day. I want to accept and be grateful of my friends and family who are kind enough to offer me hands and support. I want to admit and accept the pain my body has, rather than I ignore and say "that will go away" or "I am too busy right now to deal with pain".

And all these thoughts would not have occurred to me if it was not for my NET cancer. I had had too much on my plate as a single mother with more-than-full-time work, with all worries about my boys well being and my future.

So I call myself a person living with NET cancer. Not battling against it, but rather living peacefully with it to enjoy life of the moment.


ストレスは敵?見方? Needles and Body Clock







Thursdays are my acupuncture day and today was my third one.. I literally melt like ice cream on the bed at the clinic!

My sensei shares his knowledge on how the body works from oriental perspectives. While he acknowledges the western medicine, he talks about how oriental medicine can support the western.  I thoroughly enjoy the session with him.

Today he explained how my sore shoulders and back as well as my joint pain are related to my stomach problems. I have had problems with my shoulders, back, and joints, but never occurred to me that they are related to my stomach issues. I suppose My stomach had had problems all this time, but I never had stopped and listen to it screaming.

I also learned a few days ago from another acupuncturist that my insomnia can tell you what part of your organs is not working properly. This conversation came up when I said to him that I wake up at 2am sharp every day. He suspected my liver may need some rest. He went on to explain more on how that is related to my body conditions... and that is when he lost me! However, it was a very interesting talk and I am enjoying to learn about oriental medicine... and about my body.

The picture above shows the concept of body clock in Chinese medicine.


今日の食事日記とエネルギーキャッチボール Time to change the diet... and be grateful for your life!









Today was a long but a very inspiring day.

First I went to see a friend of mine who is an acupuncturist.  In addition to acupuncture, he did a NAET test on me to see what kind of food. is causing problems on my stomach (btw, I was in excruciating pain all day as I had just a little more than I should have for breakkie, or possibly something I eat did not go well in my stomach.) In the session with him, he uses O ring muscle testing to see what can trigger my discomfort in food, or any allergic reactions, and can help me heal my stomach.

The test results revealed I should eat:
cabbage, radish, tofu, beans.
and avoid:
read meat, chicken, seafood, white bread and rice, coffee, alcohol.

Nothing new, isn't it - all the food that is supposed to be healthy and good for you. Well, I suppose I am ready to be a monk!

Also I learned that I need to eat smaller meals when I feel hungry, not necessarily at breakfast, lunch, and dinner time. It sounds to me that my body sends me a message on what and when I want to eat, but I have been ignoring it. It is time to sort out my whole life style.

After the acupuncture and O ring session, I went to see someone I admire. He is one of my bosses, and also has been a great support for me mentally and professionally since I cam back to Japan. During our meeting, he was kind enough to arrange for me to consult with a friend of his, who is a well known doctor. This could possibly open up a new door to my NET cancer battle. Sometimes luck lies in "who you know".When your life is in the hands of god, (and you feel like you are nobody), friend's help like this has a huge power/influence. It was literally like a light at the end of the tunnel.

The last event of the day was teaching an English lesson. I have been away from my English classes since the beginning of summer. It was so great to see all my students and fill me with their genuine kind words wishing for my well being. It was a real humbling, and blessing feeling to receive so much positive energy from so many people!

All my experiences today left me feel warm, accepted and loved. And none of those have anything to do with medicine, yet I received so much energy to get through the day. How does the science explain it all?


インターネットでNETについて調べたら NET on the internet




Today is my first day back to work full day (almost). Will not be home till 10pm tonight, so it is a reality check to see if I am ready to go back to a full time work again. Will see.

I have been reading as well as watching about NET cancer in English. Such a relief to see so much info as well as life stories of the NET patients around the globe. I am hoping that I can be of help for those patients in Japan who has limited access to the information on NET. How? Well, that is something I need to give a lot of thoughts to. Any suggestions?


体調+台風  Hate to admit, but I am tired. And last night's typhoon...


以前は気合で仕事も母業もこなしていたのかな、今はしんどいという体のメッセージを聞いてしまったから、もう無理ができなくなっちゃった。なのに、昨日はジムに行ってる私。無理はしちゃいけないけれど、体を動かさないと鬱になりそうだからつい力を振り絞って行く。でもさすがに1か月ぶりの Zumbaに胃がびっくりしていたわ。



Here is my situation - I am tired! I am having trouble eating food. I have indigestion, burping, stomach pain, bloating and all the trouble you can think of with your stomach - when I eat. And because it is so uncomfortable to eat, I tend to eat less, then I do not seem to have enough energy to get through the day. Definitely my energy level has gone down.  I really need to sort out myself with diet, and every day work and chore. While I know all this, I sometimes struggle to put actions on my list of things to do - such as "ask for help".

A big typhoon hit our area last night. Big waves at sea from the top floor of our apartment was not a pleasant sight. It so reminded me of my trip across the Pacific with my ex husband. I sensed my blood pressure going up reflecting my experience on the boat!

My boys were great helpers last night. They made sure the house was safe, and I felt I had been well looked after. So different experience from another typhoon about 3 years ago - back then the boys were still tiny and I felt like I had to be the brave one to protect them, while I was busy pretending I am not scared at all. But this time, the boys were so courageous, proactive, and wonderfully strong! Amazing what 3 years can do to us. Very reassuring to see what good human being they are growing into.

患者さんむけのアプリ発見 Health Storylines App


Health Storylines

英語のアプリなんだけど、自分の病気を選び、それに沿った毎日の生活管理をトラックしていくもの。私の場合だとカルチノイド (carcinoid) というカテゴリーを選択すればいいみたい。すばらしいねー。日本語でもこういうのあるのかな?このアプリの日本語版もあればいいなあ。

I found this app that keeps track of your sickness/disease:

Health Storylines

In this app, you can choose what type of disease you have, and also help you keep track of your medication intake, food, mood swing, doctors appointment and everything else you need to keep track of in your busy every day life.


ADHDの息子に今日してあげられること What can I do for my son with ADHD, not tomorrow, but today?









(Picture from: http://www.disney.co.jp/eventlive/blast.html)
My kids and I went to see Blast last night. It is a great performance show of music and dance. A lot more innovative than the traditional approach to classical Disney music/dance. Well, I dont't want to spoil, so you have to go and see it.

In the middle of the performance, my second son had a panic attack. He burst into tears begging to let him come home. My second one, who has an ADHD, which can easily cause any attacks like this one in a new environment, but this attack was first in years. Perhaps the loud music was what made him upset, if any.

Or possibly, he just simply did not like to be forced to be sitting in a theater, and wanted to get back home where he is most comfortable.

Whatever the reason was, he had to go home, and he did. Fortunately our house was only 5 min. away from the theater, and Japan is safe enough to send him home alone late in the evening. Otherwise I would have had to come home along with him (NO WAY I did not want to miss the performance!).

Every little incident like this one shakes up my confidence in parenting, as many other parents would experience. Especially so when I have to make decisions on my own as a single parent. But now that the end of life is right in the center of my conscious thought, it made me wonder what best I can do as a parent as well as a role model for my son today. Not tomorrow, or next opportunity, but today. 


What is NET? スティーブジョブスの命を奪った神経内分泌腫瘍(NET)とは? 


Neuroendocrine tumors (NETs) is the umbrella term for a group of unusual cancers which develop from cells in the diffuse endocrine system. NETs can affect people of any age, and can be slow-growing or very aggressive.
They are found most commonly in the lung or gastrointestinal system, but they can also originate in other parts of the body such as the pancreas, ovary, and testes, among other sites.

神経内分泌腫瘍(Neuroendocrine tumor: NET)とは、人体に広く分布する神経内分泌細胞からできる腫瘍です。NETは膵臓、消化管(胃、十二指腸、小腸、虫垂、大腸)、肺など全身のさまざまな臓器にできます。膵臓の腫瘍は膵内分泌腫瘍、胃や腸の腫瘍は消化管カルチノイドと呼ばれることがあります。 また、ホルモンや生体アミンなどを作ること、あるいは作る能力を持つことが特徴であり、消化管ホルモン産生腫瘍とも呼ばれます。 NETは産生するホルモンの種類、病理組織像、遺伝性などさまざまな側面から分類されます。




鍼灸を使って、自分をいたわる Acupuncture and NET








Yesterday was my acupuncture day. This is my second, and I am already hooked to it.

Western approach to my NET has been effective. Yet I found that is not quite enough. My tumors in my stomach are growing every day, and there is no way stopping it (well there are ways in western medicine but they sound very extreme). Oriental medicine, on the other hand, takes an approach to look at the balance of my body and fix all problems by re-adjusting the balance.

My acupuncturist helped me fix the flow of "chi" or energy within my body. My stomach has been causing all sorts of problems that derive from autoimmune metaplastic atrophic gastritis. The symptoms include indigestion, nausea, burping, bloating, acid tastes in my mouth, and fatigue, sudden big energy drops throughout the day, esp. after eating. It sounds to me that acupuncture will look at the cause of those symptoms, and fix the imbalanced areas of my body. Once the chi energy flows regularly, then perhaps those symptoms will go away. At least that is how it sounds to a novice patient with oriental medicine.

In western medicine, as far as my experience goes with my NET, those symptoms are not dealt with at all by simply my doctor saying to me "oh those are not treatable, and there is no medication to treat that". The western medicine may help me remove malignant tumors, but any of my discomfort is something I have to live with. I would hate a thought that I have to deal with these symptoms for the rest of my life. Yuck. Hence now it is time to visit other approaches, like oriental medicine.

My acupuncturist suggested that I go visit a doctor who approaches medicine from both western as well as oriental sides. I am going to see him today to see if he can suggest some Chinese medicine that can help me fix my inefficient stomach.

Very interesting to see how two different approaches to medicine. We are looking at the same thing, human body and its ineffectiveness, but approaches are completely different. It is a bit like my divorce experiences - two people look at the same thing, but from totally different angles.


もし私が病気で寝込んだら... When I am sick...





I asked my older son if he would look after me if I am sick enough to need assistance at home.

Well, there is no one else who can look after you (but me), is there?

was his response. Not sure what he was truly thinking when he said this - was he thinking it is a bother to look after me but he had no any other choice? Or was it a genuine gentle gesture? Whatever it was that went through his mind, I am grateful for his kind words. And those words were enough to inspire me I will do the best I can to look after myself staying healthy as long as I can.


Slowing Down?







The kids are the world of my life. I want them to be happy always. That has always been my main thing. But how on earth would I enjoy these beautiful children if I were away for work? Or if all my actions evolve around my work?

Slowing down my life is the message my NET has made me aware. Learn from mistakes, Mitsi!


ブログを始める本当の理由 - Why blogging, you might ask?








  • NETで苦しむ方のお役に立ちたい。NETという10万人に1,2人程度の稀なガンの情報を日本語に限らず、英語でも情報が収集できるように。そして日本国外にいる人達にも日本のNET事情を知ってもらうきっかけになるように。
  • NET情報を日英2言語で共有することで、世界がつながるきっかけとなるように。
  • NETについてもっとみんなに知ってもらえれば。
  • シングルペアレントとして頑張っている人たちの励みになれば。
  • 英語を学びたい、そう思っている人たちの勇気になれば。

  • 私がまだまだ生きていたいと思える一番の理由である、二人のBoysがいつかこのブログを読んで、何かを感じてくれたら。



NET, Neuroendocrine Tumor, is what I have in my stomach. Apparently only a few people in every 100,000 suffer from this type of cancer.

I thought I have enough on my plate in my life. I am a single mother, with two kids whose father is not anywhere near us. The kids and I had rough times when we came back to Japan, as not our first choice. Four years went on since we somehow managed to start a new life with as a single parent family. And finally, I just started to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

And bang! That is when I found that I have NET cancer in my stomach. Not just one but quite a number of them.

It will be a long journey for me with NET cancer. But it will be a journey for the boys as well.

I am starting this blog page hoping:
  • that any information I share here about my conditions with NET can be useful for those who suffer from this very rare disease for both Japanese and English readers.
  • that this site can create a borderless, peaceful global world without language barriers, connecting the people inside and outside Japan through the NET information I share. 
  • that sharing my happy and rough moments as a single mother with two kids with multinational background can offer laughter, comfort and courage.
  • that I can be of support for those who want to see the world outside Japan, and inside Japan, too.
    and most importantly,
  • that one day, one day when my beautiful children have grown up, they would enjoy reading highs and lows of our lives.

Please feel free to introduce yourself if you liked my blogs! Would love to know you too.